HP-C Plus BLR Trigger: Blair Low Rider™ Airbrush Short Trigger

HP-C Plus BLR Trigger: Blair Low Rider™ Airbrush Short Trigger

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Introducing the HP-C+ BLR Trigger "Blair Low Rider" presented by SharpenAir™

Custom designed by world-renowned airbrush artist Dru Blair, the Blair Low Rider™ is an after-market production engineered using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Precision and detail with less arm and hand fatigue is essential to creating quality masterpieces with efficiency. This trigger has been developed to do exactly that. Its ergonomic design allows for a smooth flow without the fatigue, allowing artists to create and perfect their work comfortably. 

The concept behind the Blair Low Rider™ trigger is its custom shortened stem height. The BLR trigger is a substantial 2.7mm shorter than a stock V2 trigger minimizing finger movements subsequently lessening hand and forearm fatigue. Its rounded, soft edges and textured pad maximizes comfort and grip for the ultimate after-market custom airbrush trigger. 


  • For use with Iwata HP-C Plus  
  • Made from high-quality, high-grade tool steel.
  • Textured upper pad for added control.
  • Curved edges designed for use by both left-handed and right-handed artists.
  • Shortened trigger height requiring less movement and more control.
  • Designed by photo-realism airbrush artist Dru Blair